Selasa, 15 Januari 2019

Jangan Salah Pilih Baca Spesifikasi Kaca Film

KACA FILM 3M Auto Film

NH50 (Reflektive 30%)
NH35 (Reflective 40%)
RS20 (Refelctive 60%)
Black Beauty BB35 (Soft Black elegant 40%)
Black Beauty BB20 (Hitam Solid Elegant looks 60%)
Black Beauty BB5 (Hitam Solid pekat VIP looks 80%)
Crystaline CR70 (Clear Biru lembayung 20%)
Crystaline CR40 (Clear Hitam kecoklatan 40%)

Spectrum Black 40%
Spectrum Black 60%
Spectrum Black 80%
Spectrum Steel 30%
Spectrum Steel 40%
Spectrum Steel 60%
Spectrum Steel 80%
Spectrum Premium Tarsius
Spectrum Premium 40 ice
Spectrum Premium 80 ice
Spectrum Premium Black pearl
tampilan spectrum stell 80


Perfections New Nikel 65 (15% Clear blueis)
Perfections New Nikel 40 (40% Clear Black Brownis)
Perfections Nikel 30 (40%)
Perfections Nikel 20 (60%)
Perfections Nikel 10 (80%)
Perfections Black cristal 40 (40% Black)
Perfections Black cristal 60 (60% Black)
Perfections Black crstal 80 ( 80% Black)
Perfections Zirkon 60 (60% Black soalid)
Perfections Zirkon 80 (80% Black soalid)

Renzu mint 45 -- black 30%
Renzu mint 15 -- black 70%

ice yuki 50 -- silfer 20%
ice yuki 35 -- silfer 40%
ice yuki 20 -- silfer 60%
ice yuki 10 -- silfer 80%

Black sinju 35 -- black 40%
Black shinju 20 -- black 60%
Black shinju 10 -- black 80%


International Authentication System (IAS)

V-KOOL® Solitaire
Top-of-the-line products in V-KOOL®'s spectrally selective range, V-KOOL® Solitaire offers just the right products for the individual who chooses V-KOOL® for its premium and top-performing films. Be ready to pamper yourself with only the best products in town.

V-KOOL® Stature
In keeping with the tradition of providing the finest quality products, we have the high-performance spectrally selective films, designed for those who are looking for a brand which represents an extension of your personality. You will certainly find a V-KOOL® Stature product that makes a statement about who you are.

V-KOOL® Signature
Reliable, value-for-money products under our V-KOOL® Signature range are offered at an affordable price, yet without compromising quality. We deliver to you a range of specialty films that will suit your needs from high performance heat and glare control to fade control and even aesthetics.